Usage Fees and Other Charges

Information about the fees when using「Buyee Cart」 for international orders.

Payments are divided
into two installments.

1st Payment: Item price, purchase fee and other charges

Please pay when submitting the order.

1. Item price Item price (tax included)
2. Purchase fee 300 yen per order
3. Guarantee plan Up to 500 yenAbout Plans
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2nd Payment: Shipping fee and other charges

Please pay when arranging international shipping after the item has arrived at the warehouse.

1. Domestic Shipping Fee Actual costWhat are domestic shipping fees?
2. International Shipping Fees Actual costInternational Shipping Fee Estimation Tool
3. Special fees Actual costGoods and Services Tax (GST) and other taxes may be charged depending on the country.
4. Optional Services If necessary
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For more information on domestic and international shipping fees, please check our Shipping Fee Guide.

You can select optional services according to your needs.

Package Consolidation
Protective Packaging
Photo Service

Payment Methods

About Payment Currency

The currency of the transaction is determined by the issuing country of the credit card and the country in which PayPal is registered.

Please note that for PayPal, customers whose registered countries are South Korea, China, and Malaysia will only be able to pay in US dollars.

Alipay only accepts payments in Chinese Yuan.

If the currency is not supported by Buyee, the payment will be in US dollars.

The exchange rate for each currency will vary depending on the market rate between 11AM and 12PM JST.

Please note that in exceptional cases, rates may change at other times.

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